A kind word has benefits for everyone! 🧡

Today we are talking about compliments. Both giving and getting them can feel great!

The person receiving the compliment feels supported and appreciated. In fact, did you know their brain registers it the same way as receiving a cash award – so basically, it’s like winning the lottery!

The person who gives the compliment also gets a rush of positive feelings that extend beyond just their mood. That’s because emotions involved with giving compliments – like compassion – helps relax the vagus nerve, reducing inflammation and improving relaxation. 

I have a challenge for you at the end of this video that will give you a firsthand experience with how great compliments can make you feel!

But compliments actually do more than just give you a temporary mood boost. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Researchers say getting compliments can make it easier for you to learn new skills and change your behavior. (cool, right!?)

They help activate the same part of your brain that responds when you get paid a financial reward.

They put you in a mindset of looking for positive traits in people.

Science shows that getting into the habit of looking at the positive traits in people is a big key to developing successful relationships … so this has a big spillover effect into your life!

Your focus determines your reality! – Quote from George Lucas

Are you ready for your challenge? 

It’s to write someone a NOTE giving them a thoughtful compliment. 

To make it even more meaningful…

Make sure you truly believe the compliments you give. People can pick up on subconscious cues if you aren’t being genuine.

Here’s a tip from the Body Positivity movement. Instead of just focusing on someone’s appearance when giving compliments, look for other traits to mention. Maybe it’s their work, their intelligence, their laugh, their kindness, or their creativity. 

A bonus tip that applies when you’re giving compliments in-person: 

If someone seems like they are uncomfortable with compliments, instead, try showing interest in what they are doing, ask questions, and really listen to what they are saying.

You will both walk away feeling better after a positive interaction! 

Here’s your challenge again: Send a complimentary and thoughtful note or card to someone in your life. 

Are you up for the challenge? Let me know … and then come back to tell me how you felt after you sent it!

I’d love to hear what the most amazing compliment is you’ve ever been given!

Jess xox



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