Group Fitness

Working out as a group really enhances the energy and helps keep you accountable! All of our classes provide options no matter what your fitness level and you will be supported, encouraged and part of the family from the moment you start!

Join us anytime!

If you are ready to have more energy, improve your health and feel more confident then I would love to see you come and join us in our classes.

I understand it can be overwhelming and intimidating starting something new – so let me assure you our classes are small, welcoming and supportive. There are always options to work at the level best suited to you right now, a large variety of classes and amazing opportunities for your health!


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Classes are all about working to your own needs and abilities, challenging you in different ways to improve fitness, strength, tone and confidence and have fun! It can be really intimidating coming to a new class – and it takes courage. We understand this and will warmly invite you to come along. 

Classes are 30 minutes long (unless stated) and all levels are welcome! 

Currently operating out of a few different locations due to our studio being built. See timetable for specific class locations. 

What Our Clients Have To Say…

When I started with Jess I was what I thought reasonably fit and ate well. Since attending classes and taking part in meal plans I’ve learnt a huge amount from resting the body, great sources of filling foods, exercise technique and the ability to challenge the body. Classes are always well structured and feedback during and after classes is consistently helpful and educational. I feel more in tune with what my body needs and how to best challenge it. Jess goes above and beyond by writing and sending personal programs if can’t make it to class. Sources new exciting programs, offers classes that cater for all abilities.



I have been working with Jess for abit over a year, within that time with Jess’s support I have felt physically and mentally better. She pushes me to limits that I thought we’re out of bounds for my ability to achieve. Jess supports individuals to achieve limits that individuals think is unachievable but we get there. Her knowledge and support on picking up individuals with weaknesses that other people can’t comprehend is amazing. I feel very confident within myself with saying that I thank you Jess.




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