I am……..

Two of the most powerful words in the English language.

Whatever follow’s these words are said in such a way, that our subconscious mind believes them to be true. Our thoughts create our beliefs, which create our actions and then go on to create our reality.

Our reality – or outer world – is a direct reflection of our inner world. Read that again – and let it sink in!

I found this very confronting at first. To see lack, struggle, limitations all showing up in my external world – and having the realisation that I had a role to play in creating it – what the!!! No way… no one would invite these things into their life.

BUT WE DO! On a deep, subconscious level – we are conditioned to believe these things to be true. Perhaps through our upbringing, our experiences, our disappointments. We all have a story to tell around how hard things have been, or when we missed out on something we surely deserved.

It is often EASIER for us to believe the struggle than the freedom – because it FEELS more real to us. We can become addicted to the feelings (even though they are super uncomfortable!) and so we continue to make decisions that keep us in this cycle.

How many ‘I AM’ statements have you made today? I am….
– tired
– busy
– frustrated
– exhausted
– overwhelmed
– worried
– anxious

We do it all the time! Until we become aware of it. And that is where the power shifts! Awareness is amazing…. it is the first step to any lasting change. The first step in realising you have the ability to make a difference in your future.

Firstly – you may be experiencing these things right now…. but you are not them. Instead of saying ‘I am anxious’ – you could try saying ‘I am experiencing anxiety right now’. That creates a separation between YOU as a person… and the situation you are in.
Secondly – when you realise you have a choice – you are empowered to choose something different!!

Here are some of the truths I have discovered about myself digging deep into who ‘I AM’:
– a daughter of christ
– a warrior for freedom
– a health and wellness advocate
– a leader
– an amazing mum
– a loving wife

Notice how much more power they have? The energy behind them. From this place – my thoughts become my beliefs, my beliefs become my actions and my actions create my reality!

A reality that has gone from struggle to flow. From living in financial stress to complete abundance. From always being in a rush – to having choice over how I spend my time.

All from the power of our mind, our choice of words… and what we choose to believe.

It takes commitment. It takes courage. It takes consistency. This journey of self discovery and personal development doesn’t start and stop. There is no ‘final destination’ or finish line. We just continually evolve, grow, expand and receive.

Its a beautiful cycle.

Choose the words that follow your ‘I AM’ statements carefully…. be deliberate with your thoughts around the life you WANT to be living (and not the one you don’t)… and let things happen. It’s magic xo

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