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Have the support of your own personal trainer and nutritionist right from your very own home! We offer online programs ranging from 12 week packages to personalised consultations to ensure that you get everything you need to reach our health and wellness goals.





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Results from one of our ladies who did our online program…

“I’m feeling great! I try to complete all scheduled routines in my program and I’m definitely feeling fit for the netball season. I actually didn’t do any running for 3 weeks leading into the season and just did all the videos plus netball training and then I went for a run to see how far I could go (not expecting much as I hadn’t been running)…and I ended up running 8.5km (furthest iv ever run in my life!) so it’s definitely helped my fitness overall! I haven’t had any ankle issues either so the weight training I believe is supporting my joints. Thank you for making this available no matter where we live!”



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