Your body is ALWAYS talking to you…

You know when you work really hard… and then you take a holiday and get run down and sick 😞

It’s like your body FINALLY has a chance to talk to you and it’s letting you know it’s not ok.
It’s tired. It’s running on empty. It’s needing some love and care.

And we might get frustrated about this. Like WHY now? Can’t I just enjoy some time off to have fun!
But the truth is our body can only be pushed for so long. And if we ignore the small nudges to take care of it… the nudges start getting bigger, and stronger and more demanding until we are forced to pay attention – and change our ways.
It’s like filling up your lamborghini up with cheap fuel… it’s only a matter of time before it starts having running issues.

And that is where I find myself right now.
I’ve pushed my body hard for YEARS! Early rises and late nights for teaching fitness. Fitting in study, multiple jobs and a network marketing workshops to try and get ahead in life!

Then add in motherhood for the past 11 years! I’ve felt like crawling into bed at 3pm, but then unable to sleep at 9pm. Served up weetbix for dinner when I didn’t have the energy to cook and lacked patience for my kids due to my fatigue and exhaustion.

I’ve taught classes when I’ve had migraines and should have been home resting…
Not to mention all the mental and emotional trauma I have put myself through (which I have been working on healing and releasing for most of this year!) All the ‘should do’s and people pleasing that just wears us down!

…and through the past 3 years… I’ve known deep down that I need to stop. I need to put some energy back in. I need to love and care for my body the way I do for every one else.

My body has been talking to me for years!
– low energy- mental fog- thyroid issues- weight issues – hormone issues – just to name a few.

Doctors haven’t been able to help and the treatment I’ve been doing for my thyroid isn’t helping… because its DEEPER than that! Its physical and emotional. The body holds onto everything we are not processing and letting go of!

As a nutritionist and health professional myself – I know the importance of seeking advice from other’s that I know and trust. It is hard to see objectively through your own thoughts and make the decisions that need to be made.

So I recently sought out an amazing naturopath I’ve worked with in the past. We did some assessments and looked over some results.

Through our discussion I heard the words I’ve been thinking for some time… but failed to accept on some level because it was ‘inconvenient’.

Adrenal Exhaustion.

And nothing else will heal in my body until I can give my body the love, support and environment it needs.

Adrenal exhaustion is literally when you’ve run out of fuel. The body has been pushed, stressed and worn out for so long… it literally cannot continue. So it slows down your metabolism. It overproduces some hormones, and under produces others. It leaves you feeling ‘tired and wired’ – unable to sleep even though you think about it all day.

I have suspected it for a while.. but thought some time off in lockdown back in March would be enough for me to re-charge’. I rested. I ate well. I started exercising again – only to feel more tired… and unable to have the energy to sustain it. Things have helped:
– no alarm in the morning!
– alkalised ionised water!
– yoga / pilates / walking

but there was still something missing…

Come August… 5 months on and still feeling the same way! Hormones out of whack (65 days since my last cycle) and enough is enough!

This week I have started an amazing healing protocol with Naturopath and Nutritionist Stacey A Foat from Balanced Babes to heal deeply. From the inside out. Healing my liver, flushing out my colon, removing built up waste from my body… nourishing cold pressed juices along with the incredible water I’ve been drinking. Herbal supplements, gut health and mindset work with meditations.

And because I’ve run on fatigue for so long… I know it’s going to take months if not longer to nurture my body back to health. And I’ve got the time to do this.

I have never been in a position to be able to stop working and give myself 100% of my time, and full permission to do what is needed to get my health back on track.

And thanks to lockdown (yes – there are opportunities and blessings in trying times)… and my online biz that utilises automation…

the time is NOW.

I deserve to feel freaking amazing!
I deserve to have boundless energy!
I deserve to run around with my kids instead of sitting on the sidelines.
I deserve to have a body and mind that is THRIVING!

And I just want to encourage you to listen to your body!

It’s ALWAYS talking to you… and the sooner you listen – the sooner you can address what it needs.
Don’t ignore the signs and symptoms. We are not meant to be on the go all the time… and we are not meant to be worn out and exhausted either.

It is a privilege to live each day, and we get to live it to the FULL! So we need the energy to match that…. and if you want any help or advice – please reach out to me.

Nourish yourself, and treasure your body – its the only one you have xox


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